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Products and Services

Personal Coverage:

Every person and every situation is different; give us a call today and let us help define your needs and look toward the future together.


Commercial Insurance:

Whether you are the CEO, Controller, HR or just an employee; proper coverage and understanding are key to a successful company and coverage.


Health Insurance:

Whether you are married with a family, single or employing an entire workforce; health insurance is crucial. We have many options available and a wide range of carriers. Call or stop by today for more information.


Bonding and Professional Insurance:

Owning a business is difficult enough, being a professional and having proper coverage can get confusing and exhausting. Let us define a proper plan and coverage for you. We can help alleviate your stress and keep you sleeping better.


Personal Insurance

The future can be unclear sometimes and a bit scary. Let’s buckle up and make sure we have proper coverage in place!
Imagine you just miss an accident on the highway and you swerve to the side of the road; What’s your first thought? Hopefully your family and loved ones.

Insurance coverage should be the last thing on your mind in any situation. You should be comfortable and knowledgeable so that when that time comes and a loss occurs your covered! We are there to help you understand and demonstrate proper coverage.

Proper Coverage is key to restoring you from any loss. Consider the following:

  • What does your policy actually cover?
  • What would you like it to cover?
  • Are you over Insured?

Our friendly and professional staff is here to listen and adjust to suit you and your families needs! We cover:

  • Auto, Classic, Motorcycle
  • Recreation Vehicles
  • Family Boating
  • Specialty Dwellings
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Life Insurance

Crane Insurance

Cranes themselves are a very complex business and an array of technical knowledge is usually a pre-requisite to starting and operating your own business. Careful consideration in protecting you business should be no different. In an ever-changing world of compliance, definition and law one must seek out the best and brightest to help keep safe what we work so hard to build.

JA Knapp has been in the industry since 1988 with experience and expertise in a number of fields including cranes and equipment rental. Through years of experience and a proven track record J. A. Knapp has been able to secure multiple national carrier programs through A’ rated companies adding value and understanding. Coverage is provided and underwritten by not only those agencies that understand the industry but many of which have owned and operated in the same field in years past. Armed with the knowledge and understanding we at J. A. Knapp would like to offer an insight into coverage areas we offer and help you to understand your needs individually.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Equipment
  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • Umbrella & Excess

Some more unique and necessary coverage include but are not limited to:

  • Riggers Liability including Loss of Use Coverage
  • Sudden & Accidental Pollution
  • Mobile Equipment Coverage
  • Over-The-Road Liability extension
  • 3rd party & Bare rental coverage
  • Replacement Cost Valuation
  • Boom Overload
  • Care, Custody & Control Liability
  • Flood Coverage
  • Loan/Lease Gap Coverage

As you may well know the needs and restrictions involved in owning and operating a crane company are vast and ever changing. Whether you are operating a Full Service Crane Company, Owner-Operated or just Bare Rentals we have the program and understanding for you. With resources available to help keep you in the know and state by state understanding, there has never been a better time to review your coverage and concerns.