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Driving Tips

  • Do not force other drivers to brake or steer because of your obstructive maneuver into their path.
  • Assume other drivers will not see you and avoid you when you maneuver into their path.
  • Move into your intended path or direction only after you are assured you will not conflict with other traffic.
  • Check for proper mirror adjustment.
  • Check for broken mirrors and loose mountings.
  • Check for proper taillight, brake light, and turn signal function.
  • Check for proper function of horn and back-up warning signal (if so equipped).
  • Before start-up or back up, walk around vehicle and look underneath to ensure you have safe clearance for start-up.
  • Don’t forget to check blind area on right and in front as well.
  • After your walk-around check, don’t delay in moving vehicle. Do not allow time for another hazard to approach.
  • Check mirrors for proper adjustment frequently.
  • Start up slowly at first to allow other vehicles and pedestrians, who may have unexpectedly approached, to safely move away.
  • Tap horn in congested areas or recruit a signalman.
  • Ensure that cargo loads are secured to prevent moving from side to side.
  • Remember that top-heavy cargo will cause commercial vehicles to roll over in curves at speeds lower than those loaded with flat compact cargo.
  • Reduce speed before entering curve. If you enter curves too fast, you may not have enough time to slow down before rolling over.
  • Maintaining speeds at curve advisory may not be slow enough to prevent rollover of commercial vehicles.
  • Since trailers usually begin to roll first, you may not know you are rolling over until it is too late.
  • Slow down before you get into the curve.
  • Stay off the shoulder in curves. Your right or left side wheels may drop or sink down into a shoulder and increase your chance of rollover.
  • Slow down substantially for unfamiliar curves.
  • Before you pass, check to be certain no one is passing you.
  • Assume the driver in front of you doesn’t know you are passing. That driver may pull to the left to pass a vehicle in front or make a left turn.
  • While you are passing, watch carefully for vehicles that may be entering the roadway from side roads or driveways.
  • Assume vehicles approaching from the opposite direction will not see you or slow down for you to complete your passing maneuver.
  • Watch out for vehicles passing other vehicles from the opposite direction.
  • If the vehicle you are trying to pass speeds up, let it go. Don’t get into a dangerous race.
  • Don’t take risks. If in doubt, don’t pass.
  • Signal your intentions to pass.

Maintenance Checks:

  • Broken mirrors and loose mountings.
  • Tail light, brake light and turn signal function.

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